Drip Irrigation

From root crop quality, water efficiency and targeted fertiliser application. To planning, contracting, in season support and arranging the timely removal of equipment. JL Agri Ltd make Drip irrigation work for you.

JL Agri Ltd Drip Irrigation

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip Irrigation is a method of delivering water to crops at low pressure, targeted directly at the roots, ensuring maximum water efficiency, optimum fertiliser application, and minimal in-season labour and machinery requirements.

How does it work?

We lay drip tape with our specialised machines in every row of potatoes, or between rows in onions and other crops just after planting. The drip tape has built in emitters which allow water to slowly percolate into the soil. The drip tape is connected to header mains and supplied with water at 0.8 – 1 bar through programmable control valves for each field section. We use a hydraulic filter to clean the water prior to it entering the system. The pressure can be reduced as it enters the system so that it can be used alongside existing high pressure guns/booms on the same supply.

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JL Agri Ltd Drip Irrigation
JL Agri Ltd Drip Irrigation
Making Drip Irrigation work for you. We pride ourselves on supporting growers through the whole irrigation season, from pre-season planning, through installation, training and system removal prior to harvest.
Jim Lee, Founder of JL Agri Ltd.

Our Approach

Step 1

Site visit

We will visit you on farm to discuss your requirements, and see the fields you wish to irrigate. We will get maps and areas so we can draw up plans.

Step 2


We will look at the fields and plan the best way of laying out the equipment, to minimise infrastructure costs, whilst ensuring the system will be capable. From these plans we will produce a quote for the tape, equipment and contracting work.

Step 3


Once the system is operational, we will provide training to farm managers and operators, so that they can understand the principles of drip irrigation and operate the system at it's most effective.

Step 4

In season support

When your system is up and running, a soil moisture sensor can be installed so that the soil moisture levels can be remotely monitored. We understand water is critical for crop health and quality, so we are available 7 days week to provide phone and field support for the systems, ensuring that any issues are rectified as soon as possible.

Step 5

End of season

When you have completed irrigation for the season, we will come and remove the main infrastructure prior to haulm destruction to minimise equipment damage. Once the haulm/tops are removed, we come and remove the tape for you. Our tape winder machines roll the tape into tight, tidy rolls, that can be easily loaded into a recycling lorry. As part of our tape removal service, we will arrange collection, and a waste transfer note to be provided for farm records. We can also provide a tape winder on hire and provide operator training so that you can remove tape yourself as required.

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