Injecting liquid fertiliser into your drip irrigation system, getting nutrient straight to the roots.

What is Fertigation?

Fertigation is the term given to injecting fertiliser or other soluble products into your irrigation system. With drip irrigation, this process allows growers to precisely apply soluble fertiliser straight to the plant roots. This can be repeated regularly, allowing small, regular doses of fertiliser to be applied, meaning the crop can be supplied with fertiliser exactly when it needs it, rather than infrequent, high doses of solid fertiliser.

This minimises losses through leaching in high rainfall events and prevents fertiliser scorch on leaves. Fertiliser is applied directly to the root zone, so minimises fertiliser being wasted in wheelings, and total fertiliser applied can be reduced, whilst maintaining yield. Because fertiliser can be applied using the drip system, it frees up machinery and labour for other tasks on the farm.

Our system can be easily adapted to fit Bauer/Wrightrain/Hiplock pipe fittings, and can run off in field IBC containers of fertiliser. We can also inject products such as wetters/spreading agents into high pressure gun and boom systems, to help infiltration of water into dry soil profiles.

  • Fertiliser already soluble for quick absorption.
  • Applied straight to the roots.
  • No fertiliser wasted in wheelings.
  • Apply little and often. Minimising plant stress and reduce leaching risk.
  • Can be done during normal irrigation cycle – no need to wait for wheelings to dry out.
  • Frees up labour and machinery at busy periods.
  • ‘Plug and play’ into most drip irrigation systems.
  • Liquid fertiliser takes up less storage space.
  • Can apply wetters/spreading agents into gun/boom lines.
  • Available as a contracting service, or hire the injection equipment for the season.

Our Approach

Step 1

Speak to your FACTS qualified agronomist to discuss your crop’s nutrient requirements. They will be able to provide you with a schedule for fertiliser application and produce a recommendation for each of your crops/varieties.

Step 2

Plan the application dates with us, get the fertiliser in the field, and we will come and apply the fertiliser for you.

Step 3

Sit back and relax as your crop benefits from both water and nutrition at the same time, whilst your staff can concentrate on other tasks on the farm.

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